Scar Evaluations

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An independent medical examination (IME) occurs when a doctor who has not previously been involved in a person’s care examines the individual. There is no doctor patient relationship. However, individuals can request their own evaluation and continue with treatment if desired.

Plastic Surgical IME’s may be conducted to substantiate the cause of the injuries, the extent of the injuries and the resultant permanent deformities. In addition to that, recommendations for possible plastic surgical reconstruction would be determined along with the cost for such including associated costs for healthcare facilities and anesthesia. Included in the evaluation would be an evaluation of the medical records and photographs. A summary would outline the permanency of injuries, whether any permanent impairment remains after treatment, the associated deformities as a result of the scarring, and the continuing need for treatments as deemed appropriate. An IME may be conducted at the behest of an employer, an insurance carrier, attorney or individual to obtain an independent opinion of the clinical status of the individual and whether and individual has reached maximum benefit from treatment.

Available for depositions on the case if needed or to describe in court

Why Us?

I perform scar evaluations for attorneys, insurance companies, private individuals and the court system to provide an independent plastic surgical evaluation of the injuries and any possible reconstruction and the permanency.

I also perform evaluations and develop reports for companies such as BME Gateway, an independent firm assisting their clients with injury evaluations. I have over twenty years of experience performing evaluations and creating reports and am well experienced in the field of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

About Our Reports

The process begins with a detailed evaluation of the person that has been injured.


  • Time and location of injury
  • Etiology of the injuries of the injury
  • Type of injury
  • Location/s of the injury/ies
  • Age of the patient
  • Confirmation that this injury was caused by said injury
  • Review of medical records
  • Associated injuries and treatment rendered to date
  • Outline of any conflicting history
  • Review of any supplied photographs

Patient Complaints

  • A thorough discussion with the patient and family as to their dislikes and complaints as it relates to the injured party
  • A complete listing of the clients dislikes
  • Complaints as to how this has affected their lives
  • A dislike of the scars from a cosmetic point of view and from a functional aspect
    For example:
    » I dislike my scars
    » They itch
    » I dislike when people see them and I have to explain what happened
    » My scars hurt

Examination and Recommendations


  • Each and every scar or resultant change in the normal status is reviewed and described
  • Each scar is described as to:
    » Location
    » Size of scar
    » Characteristics of the scar
    » Status of healing
    » Any Keloid or Hypertrophic characteristics
    » Irregularities
    » Coloration
    » Alterations in pigmentation – hyper or hypo pigmented
    » Limitation of functions caused by scars
    » Change in sensation


  • Type of surgery
  • Type of medical treatment
  • Clinical skin care


  • Physician
  • Healthcare facility
  • Anesthesia
  • Products needed for treatment
  • Medications Required
  • Anticipated additional surgeries and treatment
  • Injections of steroids or fillers for contour irregularities

Photographs Supplied

  • The photographs will be reviewed with comments and chronology as associated with the photographs taken during evaluation. Often times these will help substantiate the causative factors of the injuries of which the patient complains.


  • Detailed annotated color photographs are included in each report, which will provide an opportunity for all to view the resulting injuries and their characteristics without having to see the injured party.
  • Cases have been settled on the basis of my report because of the completeness, clarity, inclusion of the detailed photographs and suggestions for further investigation.


  • Comments as to the scars and their permanency
  • Summary of suggested treatment
  • Time needed out of work or stay at home
  • Therapy
  • Need for other consultations
  • Projected future concerns as to more surgery or altered stability of an area because of scar or other resultant abnormalities
  • Confirmation or denial of relationship of the injuries to the accident and current conditions


  • The terms used in the report will be defined and explained as needed.


  • Medical Journal articles are included to substantiate recommendations and comments 
made in the report – For example, 
it has been shown that a person with healed burns is more likely to develop skin cancer during life. 
Copies of journal articles confirming this and percentages would be included.
  • A list of the questions from the client requesting the evaluation and my answers would be included in numerical order as supplied

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